Photo: Martina Vermorel in Liverpool, North West

Martina Vermorel

Artist, Writer
Early career

The work contains curiosities about the similarities between how the traditions of both the housewife and the artist are characterised in their everyday actions, creating, cleaning and analysing. They are also personified in their emotional upheaval of disappointment, approval and loneliness. More recently the work has found itself being compared to animal behaviour in particular horses, looking at the communication between us and them and how their psychological characteristics compare to our own. My art work is often created in a live context to form a series of photographs. Frequently the performance develops into an installation which can be viewed long after the live element is over. This has become a very significant formula to the work and actions are repeatedly made in order that 'construction' can happen. Materials used are also important and are usually ephemeral, subsequently causing the remaining work to change without the assistance of the performer. read full statement

Location Liverpool, North West
Activities Practice-based research, Art historical research, Residencies, Critical writing, Creative writing
Tags performance, art, woman, liverpool, animal