Mark Andrew Lowman

My work is mainly sculptural, often kinetic, but always containing some method of flux, be it physical or psychological. This use of movement is intrinsic to my process, which uses progression in an attempt to direct a dialogue with the viewer. The forming of these dialogue's are important with the nature of the notions being explored, often looking into areas that are highly base to the self. The practice that I follow crosses multiple disciplines within sculpture and installation, and relates to many areas within 'new media', using technology to establish links between scientific or mathematic notions and the reality in which we occupy. The actual subject matter is incited from my study within scientific and mathematical principles, which highly alter my sense of self. My work resultantly is an attempt to relay this altered perspective toward my environment. The physicality of my sculpture evolves from these notions which I am attempting to translate, taking the imagery from research into the individual subjects to choose the process that I follow and allowing these boundaries to evolve the piece itself. More specifically it is my study of scientific and mathematical thinking that has created my minimalist aesthetic and formed my use of multilayered movement or theory around areas that in themselves are so complex and encompassing. read full statement

Location London