Photo: Mark Houghton in Hay on Wye, Wales

Mark Houghton

Artist, Lecturer / academic

“The poet scans the landscape with his hermeneutic gaze, but it remains trackless, refuses to emerge into meaningfulness as a landscape of signs”. J.M.Coetzee – “Disgrace” – 1999 My aim is to search for portent and potential narrative in the overlooked and seemingly insignificant aspects of the everyday. We are all surrounded by the evidence and detritus of almost 40,000 years of the activity of homo faber, and any landscape can essentially be read as an inescapable narrative of intervention. Therefore, I feel it important to celebrate and high light the over looked elements, the anti-monuments and non-events of that landscape, as I feel that these are equally relevant, when we are attempting to decipher a given landscape. Discarded items, the un-thought about gaps between buildings etc., these all have visual qualities that feed into, and inform our piece meal absorption of our surroundings, that subsequently help us to order and decipher the complexity of the environments we construct and inhabit. I feel that the role of the contemporary artist is to force a reassessment of the everyday. It is my intention to highlight overlooked aspects of the everyday, in order to isolate and represent aspects of the urban environment, with the aim of forging a visual poetry of the commonplace, to elevate the irrelevance of the ordinary. read full statement

Location Hay on Wye, Wales
Activities Higher education, Lecturing, Residencies
Artforms / type of project Installation, Mixed Media, Sculpture

News & Events

  • everything else is just the weather - on tour!

    federation house, manchester

    Mark Houghton will be developing his current collaborative project with fellow artist Kelly Best during a short residency at Projects: Manchester in Federation House from 4 - 10 Aug

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  • collaborative residency with mark devereux projects, castlefield gallery new art space, manchester

  • everything else is just the weather

    10/04/2014 – 19/04/2014
    arcadecardiff, queen's arcade, queen's street, cardiff, cf10 2by

    new works from a collaboration between painter Kelly Best and myself

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