Marion Kuit

Artist, Teacher

As a printmaker and painter I have a long standing interest in what can make otherwise familiar or mundane subjects unsettling or intriguing. I explore various images from new or unexpected perspectives, focusing on making subtle alterations which evoke feelings of unease or raise the question β€œWhat exactly is that?”. Essentially,my intent is in using traditional relief and other printing techniques to create strong, contemporary imagery. My paintings, both oil and acrylic,further develop these themes. Miasma is one of a series of images suggested by biological, anatomical and geological diagrams. These works are intended to be puzzling, slightly disturbing but always with an ironic or humorous undercurrent. Silage bags has evolved from earlier work which showed contorted rubber glove shapes Outbound evokes Sci Fi imagery, but in reality is based on medical diagrams. read full statement

Location Kendal, North West