Photo: Marie Wood in Rosmoney, Westport, Ireland

Marie Wood

Artist, Maker

My work consists of Mixed Media Sculptures using found objects, both natural and man-made; Mixed Media Paintings; Works in Oil; Collage and Drawings. The Sculptures could be described as "transfigurations" of objects lost then found. The works evolve either through initial aesthetic responses to the dynamics of individual pieces, which are then assembled and take on a new life and meaning. Sometimes works are ideas based, rooted in memory and experiences of an, Irish Catholic childhood, and result in sculptures which are 21st Century Icons or Devotionals, that confront expectations and challenge the viewer, taking them beyond the familiar, sometimes witty but with gravitas! The paintings, both mixed media and oil, evolve through observation drawings, photographs and imagination. They are re-presentations of the subject matter, through screened memories and experiences and explore a sense of place, moment and time through colour, light and uneasy space. The collages are an exciting adjunct to the Sculptural Assemblages. I use ‘found’ materials (in the spirit of Schwitters) which create an unusual colour palette that often takes the work on to a more ‘Surreal’ journey. I have a series of mixed media collages, exploring an idea based on female portraits, using the form as generic motif to explore the decorative elements of the cultural and historical representation of these women, and the power and personality revealed behind the ‘mask’. Using my own photographic references and drawings, I have been using Collage to explore Landscape and Floral Still Life. I am presently working on a series of ‘abstract’ reflections in water, using torn/cut papers. I love drawing, and the works often evolve from cut and re-assembled photographs, which invariably lead to ‘surreal’ dream like landscapes. I enjoy the ‘frisson’ of the unexpected, and the unplanned journey it may take me on.

Location Rosmoney, Westport, Ireland
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Sculpture
Tags Mixed media sculpture, collage. assemblage. mixed media painting, , found obects