Marie-Ange Danthois

Artist, Maker, Project manager, Teacher

Marie-Ange Danthois' sculptural work has its root in the study of Taoist principles and the understanding of her own psychological and spiritual journey. It expresses 'states of being'. Marie-Ange establishes parallels between the use of techniques and processes and the essence of what she sets out to express. She finds a resonance between materials and ideas. She seeks to demonstrate the interconnectedness between our thoughts and our physical interaction with the world. This gives her work great depth and meaning. After 10 years as a studio potter doing decorative functional ceramics, Marie-Ange felt the need for a more conceptual approach. She went to do the Cardiff MA in ceramics where she produced a series of autobiographical sculptural pieces with strong narratives. Her work has moved away from an obvious narrative to a more abstract expression of thoughts and feelings, focusing more on her approach to materials and processes, sometimes using mixed media to strengthen the concept behind the work. The first work produced within this new departure was a series of pieces conveying a feeling of 'being held in' 'restricted' or 'pushed into shape'. The freshness of slipcast forms echoed purity and vulnerability when cages, boxes or cables played a restrictive role. Marie-Ange's most recent series is called 'Metamarine' where she takes us in a semi-abstract sub-aquatic landscape where she considers the concept of trans-formation. It is about a world in flux, a fragile equilibrium to be respected. The use of delicate white forms in 'Mare Calice' reflects this 'fragility'. The seemingly 'growing' forms evoke a sense of evolution and time. In the last year Marie-Ange has been exploring the human mind and its wondrous powers. She has been initially looking at the physical brain and how it has been studied over the last centuries. Her next investigation will reside in the social and psychological realms where she will be considering the effect of cultural, political or religious conditioning on this malleable matter. read full statement

Location Bristol, South West
Activities Further education, Adult education, Workshops, Learning programmes, Project management