Maria Kuipers

Artist, Maker, Project manager, Event organiser

Concepts/themes/ideas I create abstract mixed media paintings on canvas, panel or paper creating psychological, emotional and sensory landscapes. As a materials led artist I aim for a material presence and work intuitively I allow the work to progress organically and choose instinctively from a variety of materials and methods trusting the creative process for content and imagery to emerge. I build surfaces using a layering approach, scraping back and reworking the surface until I arrive at a sense of balance with rich textures juxtaposed with subtle and sensitive surfaces and textures and colours,. My core interests lie in the material presence, fusing different art disciplines, intriguing shapes and intangible qualities I am powerfully drawn to. I always have the intention of progressing beyond what I see and perceive into subjective abstraction and ambiguity, aiming for that sense of mystery. Recently I have returned to painting local seascapes, inspired by walking the local coastline and the West Pier. This has become a new way of working, with a starting point, but the aim remains the same; to capture something in between and beyond what I see and perceive. In 1998 I graduated with a First Class BA with Related Arts with Honours. I have exhibited mainly in the South of England - abstracts represented by Thomas and Paul Gallery in London and St.Anne's Galleries in Lewes, and seascapes represented by Cameron Contemporary in Hove. I also have a strong interest in the therapeutic values in art and working within the 'art and health' arena. read full statement

Location Hove, South East
Activities Practice-based research, Workshops, Training delivery, Arts in health, Community arts
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking, Textiles
Tags painting on canvas, panel and paper, abstract with figurative references, textile and stitch fine art, inside and outside, spatial relationships, sensitive surfaces and textures, mixed media including stitch, sublte palette juxtaposed with bold darks, balance

News & Events

  • West Pier Art

    This involves making art with partner painter at the site and in studio about the West Pier changes and redevelopments in Brighton. Public activities at the site.