Maria Kuipers

Maria Kuipers

Artist, Project manager, Event organiser, Community worker


I make abstract mixed media paintings on canvas, panel and paper, creating psychological, emotional and sensory landscapes.

My paintings reveal strong structural elements with architectural associations, verticals, horizontals, squares, rectangles, inside and outside places and spaces. I'm interested in 'spatial relationships', some of which hold narratives of experience and memory, of strength and fragility, of hidden and overt states of being, of the old and new. Rich material contrasts with sensitive surface qualities, geometric shapes and drawn lines encourage the viewer to move between, through, under and around the painting like interior and exterior spaces. 

I work organically choosing from a variety of materials and methods using a layering approach, building the surface, editing, scraping back and reworking until each painting is arrived at. I need to make as well as paint, to engage with the physical surface and include found recycled elements, collage, stitching and paint. I always aim for a tactile presence and rich surfaces, which are worked over and over, developed over a longer period of time, revisiting the same canvas until often reduced to an emotional simplicity.

In 1998 I graduated with 1:1 Fine Art with Related Arts with Honours. I exhibit mainly across Southern England and also Hungary, Germany and New York.


I have strong interests in the Art and Health Arena, to make quality art accessible and inclusive and value the art process as a cathartic, therapeutic and healing experience.

In 2000, undertook C&G Teacher Training FE with invaluable workplace experience, facilitating art workshops (I formed) for marginalised artists. Also a talks programme about my artistic processes and journey, delivered at FE Colleges, a church and a local community group. I have won several Awards, 3 Individual Awards from Arts Council England, 'Art & Health' (2000) being pivotal in discovering ways of breaking through blocks in my creative process whilst making major transitions from figurative to abstract mixed media, and (2014) 'West Pier Art', the most important intensive period of development for my practice involving: project management, partnership development, delivering workshops, audience development, making collaborative work, and gaining a deeper understanding of my artistic practice.

Recently I facilitated art workshops as Peer Mentor for Recovery College and volunteer work with Creative Future, a charity arts organisation working with marginalised artists and writers.


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Location Hove, South East
Activities Workshops, Arts in health, Community arts, Project management, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking, Textiles
Tags spatial relationships, abstract painting, paint and textile, colour relationships, rich surfaces, mixed media, symbolic content, geometric form, meditative