Maria Garton


Concepts Within my work I am interested in developing further a contemporary abstract painting/installation practice within a shifting theoretical and cultural climate. The use of hybrid forms and diverse elements in my work alludes to notions of difference, multiplicity and fragmentation. My paintings and installations attempt to break formal rules. I use aspects of the everyday in my work and incorporate influences from the domestic and urban landscape for example fashion, advertising, interior decor which reveal fragments of encoded histories. I usually choose materials in many ways for my paintings and installations predetermined and by chance, found objects from second hand markets such as hand crotched doilies, linoleum, wood and other fabrics. Colour is a very important aspect of my work. I use colours that are part of contemporary culture eg; fashion prints, wallpaper, advertising billboards. I also appropriate colours from art history eg pop art and op art and incorporate them in to my work. I use various types of paints within my work including oil, acrylic and household paints to create different qualities and textures. I also like the idea of using oil paints with it's high art connotations contrasted by the use of household paints with it's associations with low art. Fragmentation is part of our contemporary postmodern culture and pervades our everyday experiences from the cacophony of sounds to the visual sensations we experience. Working in these contexts has allowed me to further explore the relationship between the viewer's awareness and their engagement with the space and the object. These paintings /installations invite the viewer to engage in a dialogue with art history and contemporary art practice. Influences My work has developed out of a critical awareness of the historical legacy of abstraction and explores a visual strategy which challenges and subverts those codes and conventions to create a unique visual language that expands the vocabulary of abstraction. My work is also influenced by popular culture, eg interior design, fashion, kitsch and the built environment. My work also explores my interests in psychology, gender and feminism. I wish to progress my career and exhibit internationally.

Location Manchester, North West
Artforms / type of project Book Works, Environment, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting

News & Events

  • TIAF Exhibtion and Art Fair

    14/10/2015 – 18/09/2016
    The Rag Factory 16-18 Hencage St London E1 5LJ Just off Brick Lane

    The Independent Artist Fair is a curated exhibition of 80 contemporary artists from across the world

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  • Seeing Beckett

    27/10/2014 – 03/11/2014
    Liverpool John Moore University

    Seeing Beckett is a visual arts exhibition organized collaboratively between the Universities of Chester and Liverpool John Moores and dedicated to the late Irish playwright Samuel Beckett.

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