Malcolm Litson

Artist, Film-maker

I have a shotgun approach to art practice that includes projection, audio, moving image and 2D media.Recent projects include music production and large-scale projection. My work with architectural projection evolved from a stint of guerrilla advertising such as the infamous projection of Gail Porter onto the Houses of Parliament. The work with large-scale projection evolved with a commission for the Turin Biennale. I was comissioned to project images onto landmark buildings in the city. The images derive from medical equipment at the Royal College of Surgeons in London. I chose this imagery to display human frailty and present it on a maximum scale. This was followed with an Audio/Visual installation for the ICA ,commissioned for the Playtime film festival. The resulting video projection had a performance aspect where filmed images are mixed to to an audio soundtrack. Recently, I have been working with The Light Surgeons, an established multimedia collective.Projects have included audio production for 'LDN24' at The Museum of London and music production and performance for 'True Fictions', a live audio/visual performance.(New York/London IMAX/Hong Kong/Belfast/Madrid/Brighton/Milan/Big Chill Festival/ Other creatives I have worked with are Scanone,Insight and Field. If you are interested in developing a project/exhibition or purchasing work please contact me via e-mail or phone. +44(0)7957638646

Location London
Activities Higher education, Lecturing, Public art, Events management, Film-making
Artforms / type of project Project, Digital, Film & Video, Painting, Sound
Tags bitvert, music production, street art, projection, the light surgeons, Malcolm Litson

News & Events

  • Transmission

    18/09/2014 – 01/10/2014
    Lebenson Gallery - 56, rue Chapon 75003,Paris

    Exhibition of new paintings

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  • AVTV - Shangri-la - Glastonbury

    AVTV commissioned to create video installation, visuals and live AV performances for Glastonbury Festival 2014.Featured artists were Malcolm Litson (bitvert) and Jude Greenaway (scanone)