Lynn Weddle

Lynn Weddle

Lynn Weddle's practice is concerned with human interaction and exploring ways of presenting ourselves through photographic portraiture.

The practice is intrigued by the roles that we play and challenges the ways in which we view each other. The process by which the works emerge is collaborative becoming therapeutic and educational for her subjects and this is integral to her vision
as an artist. In other words the 'social' and 'artistic' meaning of the practice are wholly fused and interdependent.

Lynn Weddle works freelance and is based in Brighton, UK. She has been working as a photographic artist and artist educator since 2003. Both her work as photographic artist and artist educator are concerned with notions of self, misrepresentation and diversity. Asking the viewer to witness an experience that has come from a collaboration between photographer and sitter.

Lynn Weddle received a first class degree in Photography from Falmouth College of Arts and has a Masters in Photography from the University of Brighton.

The practice has been presented on an international platform at the Phototherapy and therapeutic photography conference in Turku in Finland in 2008, as well as presenting at the Photographers Gallery and Camden Arts Centre.

Lynn Weddle has published her work through Millennium images and exhibited work with: Petworth House, Pallant House Gallery, Four Corners, firstsite and Host Gallery.
Artist Educator Biography
Alongside developing her own photographic practice Lynn Weddle has designed and conducted participatory arts and photography workshops since 2003. She has developed a sensitive, improvisational style working with an extraordinary array of people in diverse settings.
She has a profound commitment to the power of creativity and its conversation to allow us to learn and understand more about ourselves, others and our environment and an intuitive talent for creating spaces to share and learn.
Lynn Weddle arts education practice has lead to working with organisations such as: British Museum, Photovoice, Focal Point Gallery, HIV/AIDS Alliance, Creative Junction, Save the Children, Pallant House Gallery, National Maritime Museum, Dada South, Aspex and English Hertiage.
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Location Brighton & Hove, South East