Photo: Lucy Stevens in Leicester, East Midlands

Lucy Stevens

Artist, Arts administrator, Marketing professional, Web developer

Lucy Stevens is an artist whose environmental soundscape art investigates the relationship between humanity and nature. Working with field recordings to produce aural portraits of wildlife in her surroundings, to share as headphone recordings or as art installations. Collecting data from bird watching to produce complex digital visuals to share the fascinating habits of wildlife. Stevens enjoys the creative process of listening, observing, responding, recording, and the idea of being able to expand access to the non-human world to reveal the density of sound. Since 2007 she has created site-specific soundwalks for the public, using binaural audio recordings via headphones, based on themes relating to locality and pschogeography. Stevens' current soundscapes reflect her passion for wildlife and her interest to document moments when she feels most connected to nature. To produce bite sized and sometimes durational recordings, using a variety of sound recording techniques including; contact microphones, hydrophones and a parabolic dish to amplify and capture underwater sounds and vibrations that are usually inaudible. The most important thing is the exploration in listening, the act remembering and sharing these experiences of sound with others, to open new kinds of participation. read full statement

Location Leicester, East Midlands
Activities Residencies, Participatory projects, Marketing/communications
Artforms / type of project Digital, Drawing, Installation, Research, Sound
Tags Field recording, soundscapes, sound, digital print, responsive drawing, birds, birdsong, wildlife, nature, microphones