Lucy Austin


Tender Machines is a new series of work inspired partly by architecture and machinery such as pylons, water towers, agricultural machines like threshers, and water towers. These have been first recorded in a sketch book and then later recalled in the studio and transformed with imagination to create individual characterful 'personages'. Each of the Tender Machines acts as a metaphor for different human behaviour, such as transmitting, receiving, full, empty and the processing of emotion. Each image is made directly onto watercolour paper with a paintbrush with no other planning. The colour in the series is limited to burnt sienna, indian red, yellow ochre, cadmium red, vandyke brown, sepia and white. There is a playful mix between the transparency of watercolour and the opaque quality of gouache. A book featuring Tender Machines is available on read full statement

Location Bristol, South West
Activities Lecturing, Residencies, Workshops
Artforms Drawing, Painting, Printmaking
Tags Architecture, Agriculture, Machine, Pylon, Silo, Plough, Container, Human, Emotional, Colour

News & Events

  • Winter Exhibition, Cube Gallery, Bristol

    Two smaller Colour Theory works have been included in the Cube's Christmas Show. Opens 30 Nov until 21 Dec 2013.

  • Associate Member of Spike Island Printmakers

    Working on a series of etchings and aquatints to go alongside the Tender Machine series. Hopefully ready by Open Studios in Oct 2014.

  • 161 Autumn Exhibition, Royal West of England Academy, Bristol

    My work Tender Machines, Treehouse has been selected for the Autumn Open Exhibition.

  • Forthcoming Exhibitions

    The Cube Gallery, Bristol is taking some of my new work to the Affordable Art Fair in Stockholm 4/5/6 October 2013 and then to the Affordable Art Fair in Hamburg 15/16/17 November 2013.

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