Photo: Lucienne Cole in London

Lucienne Cole


My art practice is rooted in popular culture, encompassing Performance, Video, Photography , Drawing/Painting and Collage, reflecting and highlighting the slippages between fantasy and reality in everyday life I also DJ, both in an Art Context and club-nights. My playing of records has been described as "a secular activity”. Brian Eno said- “POP is about creating new and imaginary worlds and inviting people to join them”- I think that’s more or less what I do with my work. "Cole explores art as a form of entertainment and celebration, often engaging people in public spaces where a group of people or a community become the process of the work, allowing her practice to operate in multiple contexts. There is a collective association , where everyone can meet on the same plane through combining nostalgia and familiarity with a do it yourself attitude and aesthetic".

Location London
Activities Lecturing, Residencies, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Film & Video, Live Art, Mixed Media, Performance
Tags Performance, Dj, Collage, Popular Culture, Dance, live art, photographs

News & Events

  • BerlinBerlin - 2 July 2014, 7.30pm, Swedenbourg Society WC1 Booking essential- email: n.kaplony@arts

    As recipient of the Artquest 3 Months in Berlin Residency, Lucienne Cole presents a performative lecture based on her blog and experiences In Berlin plus an In Conversation with Michael Bracewell.

  • OST radio show on Resonance fm

    I was a guest on Jonny Trunks OST radio show on Resonance fm, on the 8th feb, repeated show on Monday 11th at 3pm.


    I have received a Residency in Berlin for 3months courtesy of Artquest , at the Milchof Studios, from March 1st- May 31st.

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