Louise Winter

Louise Winter

Artist, Curator, Writer

I'm interested in questioning the fixed identities of objects and materials so they defy usual definitions and expectations, or, as the artist Tom Friedman has said, 'Testing what matter is by allowing it not to be'.

Central to my practice are ideas of displacement: is the location of material central to its definition so that if it is displaced from its 'real' context can it still be regarded as the same object, where then does it exist, if at all? I am interested in how the re-assembling of such material, or discarded aspects of known objects, can start to question the boundaries of the 'real' by creating a tension between the literal and abstract readings of these objects as signifiers.

My practice is investigative in its nature and form, moving between object, process, event and performance. I don't 'create' objects but work with already existing matter to collapse the distance between art and the mundane, exploring the poetic and often absurd potential of the everyday.

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Location Newcastle, North East
Activities Practice-based research, Residencies, Critical writing, Curating, Project management
Artforms / type of project Curatorial project, Publication, Film & Video, Installation, Sculpture
Website http://www.louisewinter.co.uk/

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