Louise Fraser

“She is playing with the imperceptible changes, which are the features of our closest surroundings and hardly ever noticed” Dr. Peter Brinkemper on artist’s work “Fraser’s work focuses on memory… a total immersion in her surroundings, interior and exterior merging into an intimate impression of place” Jack Mattram The List on artist’s work As an artist my art, for me is simply about my response to the environment I inhabit. My work is about my visual obsessions, finding ways of translating the idea of architecture, nature, the process of change and the story within that. I want to bring life to these structures, drawing out the notion that we are honed and moulded by our environment. My art draws people’s attention to the space they are in, the space they consume, the space that they leave their imprint on. What I feel my work does is to let people take a pause, to consider their surroundings, look in a new way and connect their narratives to it. “Mistress 7: Around their eyes in the city you’d think each structure was made of light. Solid plants, seeded in barren urban earth Structured into fluted songs -not Gilbert – but sssssso white and perfect, slowly moving. You can’t see, but blindly you believe They’ll always be there Ha ha ha ha.” Graham Maule written accompaniment to Drawing and Painting E.C.A MFA Show “Eight Little Mistress from School” read full statement

Location Edinburgh, Scotland