Louise Bristow

Concepts My current work involves creating constructed arrangements, reminiscent of stage sets, which I then paint from. This process allows me to use different collage elements, such as my own photographs or found images from books and magazines, as well as three-dimensional models I have made of real or imagined buildings and architectural details. There is a narrative element to much of my work. I am inspired by everyday things that I find around me, and how these things express bigger ideas; graffiti on a wall in a street communicates one person's political dissent, and the design and imagery of a tiny postage stamp can encapsulate a nation's ruling ideology. In terms of theme, I am interested in modernism, architecture, history and the landscape of modern philosophical and political thought. My work enables me to process my thoughts about these themes and create a response. Influences Modernism, architecture, history and politics, iconography read full statement

Location Brighton, South East