Louise Bristow

Louise Bristow


My current paintings involve creating constructed arrangements, reminiscent of stage sets, which I then use as the starting points for paintings. This process allows me to use different collage elements, such as my own photographs or found images from books and magazines, as well as three-dimensional models I have made of real or imagined buildings and architectural details. There is a narrative element to much of my work. I am inspired by everyday things that I find around me, and how these things express bigger ideas; graffiti on a wall in a street communicates one person's political dissent, and the design and imagery of a tiny postage stamp can encapsulate a nation's ruling ideology. In terms of theme, I am interested in modernism, architecture, history and the landscape of modern philosophical and political thought. My work enables me to process my thoughts about these themes and create a response. Influences Modernism, architecture, history and politics, iconography.

The prints I make explore a slightly different (but related) area of interest - specifically books I've read which fascinate me in some way. I try to create a 'portrait' of the book within certain self-imposed limitations; each print is the same size and format, is made as a woodcut and is predominantly abstract.

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Location Brighton, South East
Activities Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Mixed Media, Painting, Printmaking
Tags collage, architecture, model, miniature, utopia, realism, construction, kiosk, Socialist Realism
Website http://www.louisebristow.com