Lorsen Camps

Artist, Maker, Curator, Writer, Technician

Lorsen's work explores the notion of finding beauty in the disregarded. This began with an interest in collecting second hand and found objects, considering their stories and narratives, and the place of these objects in a culture of excess and consumerism (things that continue to fascinate the artist). Beauty in the disregarded has expanded to include other aspects of life - wonderous details of the world that are often overlooked, joyful moments in life too easily ignored. Through the use of photography and creative writing Lorsen captures and re-presents the beauty found in the minutiae of life. From the artist's exploration of the second hand market, Lorsen developed what he calls his own 'charity shop aesthetic' - making pseudo-craft works such as felt pictures and nail and threads. He takes these craft media, themselves disregarded, and reinvents them, injecting them with a new energy and life while bringing them into the realm of fine art. Lorsen often creates collections - whether of his photographs, the items he has found, or the artworks he makes. Through this method the artist bestows a new level of significance and validation to each individual 'piece'. 'Worthless' things gain a new value and there is a deliberate sense that the collective whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. read full statement

Location Coventry, West Midlands
Activities Participatory projects, Creative writing, Curating, Exhibitions programme, Technical installation
Artforms / type of project Curatorial project, Installation, Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture
Tags "found objects", "charity shops", installation, disregarded, beauty, toys, "second hand", found, "found objects", "charity shops", "second hand", found, installation, shed, beauty, disregarded, toys, beach, Coventry
Website http://www.lorsen.co.uk

News & Events

  • Shed - Collect - Shed: Coventry's Lost & Found

    16/08/2014 – 02/11/2014
    Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry

    Artists Lorsen Camps, Martin Green and Joanna Rucklidge explore the relationship between their personal collections of found objects from Coventry with the Herbert Art Galleryโ€™s collections.

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