Lori Sauer

Artist, Maker, Teacher

Concepts: I approach every binding individually. Each text poses its own particular structural and interpretive challenge and requires unique treatment. The best bindings, as with all creative pieces, are those with a presence about them that goes beyond technical skill and design acumen. This indefinable, elusive quality is the key to a work that can take on a life of its own and make it stand out from the crowd. As a facilitator and manipulator of ideas and materials, I let my designs grow as I work, incorporating fortunate accidents, and guiding the original concept to its completion. Influences: naive, primitive and ethnic art, travel, organic and manufactured pattern, textile / rug design, literature and architecture. Career path: My university years were spent in the USA where I obtained a Fine Arts degree in Painting and a Masters in English Literature. About 10 years after completing my degrees (spent working mainly in publishing) I enrolled in an adult education course for bookbinding and knew I'd found my metier. From early on my interest lay in the design side of binding and contemporary structures. I was elected a Licentiate of Designer Bookbinders in 1996 with the aim of achieving election to Fellowship, which I did in 2001. Becoming a Fellow indicates having reached the highest standards in the craft and has allowed me to exhibit alongside other Fellows both nationally and internationally. As with any media, learning is on-going and I continue to refine my work and explore new techniques and materials. In January 2011 I founded BINDINGre:DEFINED. It is a programme of workshops focused on the structure of a binding and its use in design. These workshops are a result of my interest in how a book is put together and a wish to promote a wider use and understanding of the combination of form and design. read full statement

Location Pewsey, South West
Activities Adult education, Lecturing, Residencies, Workshops, Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Book Works, Text
Tags #bookbinding #bookart #workshops #teaching
Website http://www.beechingstoke.plus.com

News & Events

  • Contemporary Bindings on Private Press Books

    16/05/2014 – 15/08/2014
    St Bride Foundation, Fleet Street, London

    Exhibition opening at St Bride Foundation, London on May 16th. 65 bindings from the UK and North America.

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