Lorenza Ippolito

My interests pivot around ideas relating to identity, belonging and nostalgia. I work with still and moving images to create pieces that look at the everyday whilst blurring the boundaries between fine art, photography and video. In my moving image piece Questions and Answers I examine found objects, placing them in their traditional context and questioning their functions. I am concerned with nostalgia and ownership, exploring the boundaries between found objects and the 'objective' subject, subverting their established meaning and detachment. By animating objects that have lost their use, I question the human relation with the past as an object or as waste as well as interrogating the nostalgia that drives capitalism towards fetishism. I have an inquisitive relationship with my hometown, Bologna. I routinely return to photograph the landscape, as in the project Bologna; and in another piece, Bologna Portraits, I investigate the concept of portraiture and identity through observing social situations. I intervene with my camera taking long exposures during conversations. This has the effect of obscuring the identity of the portrayed, but at the same time captures vanishing gestures. read full statement

Location Brighton, South East