Photo: Liz Clifford in Hawkley, South East

Liz Clifford

Artist, Maker, Teacher

I use natural forms and landscape as the starting point for my work. I enjoy the visual connections between the organic and inorganic objects I find on my walks. The impact of the farming and leisure industries on the rural environment and human interventions into wild places. Although I make work in my studio I am also interested in how artists work directly in a location using found objects. My practice is materials-led to a great extent and those materials themselves carry associations and make suggestions. I scavenge from the location I am focused on and it is the daily contact with that place that sets the agenda for the work. My recent work stems specifically from a daily walk on an ancient by-way in the Hangers of East Hampshire. The activities of the generations of humans who have used the by-way leave their trace on it in the form of man-made detritus and erosion. I am interested in the provenance of the detritus. For instance, the global journey of hydro-carbons used in the manufacture of parts for vehicles subsequently discarded and ground into the mud of the by-way. By embedding the found objects into lumps of scavenged chalk I am creating a form of archaeology and a metaphor for the passage of time. The GPS coordinates of the finds are embedded both in the chalk and in the drawing I make of each piece. read full statement

Location Hawkley, South East
Activities Primary education, Secondary education, Practice-based research, Permanent exhibitions programme, Temporary exhibitions programme
Artforms Drawing, Mixed Media, Sculpture
Tags landscape, walk, scavenge, detritus, archaeology, archive, oil stick, embed, chalk, GPS