Liv Pennington

Liv Pennington

Artist, Curator, Lecturer / academic

My work is simultaneously about portraiture and representation. Through the medium of photography, video and performance I explore ways that emotional relationships may affect our perception of body image and personality, whilst playing with the different formats and roles that photography can have.

Within my art practice I have always been interested in referencing the back-story and investigating
the processes involved in producing work. I enjoy speculation, conversation and reciprocation. There has become a need to include others in the physical making of my work whether through direct audience participation as in 'Private View', 2002 - 2010 or through the employment of re-touchers in 'The Standard Package Trilogy', 2008 - 2011.

I have a reactive approach, autobiographical in a sense; I have explored and continue to investigate attraction, desire, selection and fertility. It seems to be a logical progression that domesticity, gender roles, motherhood and the disappearance of self would be reflected in current and future pieces.
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Location Folkestone/ London, South East

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