Photo: Lisa Selby in London

Lisa Selby

Artist, Lecturer / academic

The objects and performance elements in Selby's work are made significant as active participants in undermining traditions and gendered etiquette historically attached to domestic items. These items are displaced from the realm of the everyday, cast and altered and, in the process, imbued with tangible intimacy as well as a subtle sense of alienation. Her work on the objecthood of domestic artefacts and on the processes by which an inanimate object or space becomes significant, has been described as ‘minimal domesticity combined with the emotional’. Domesticity is referenced using minimal materiality in formations we are not used to. These materials are familiar but reduced to the rudimentary. They may act as memory cues: a smell we remember, parts of recognisable objects, a gesture once made, the familiar yet unfamiliar. It is this relationship of an emotional pushing and pulling that has become a key point in her work. Endowing the pieces with tangible intimacy, the new forms in which these materials are used become subversive and therefore a distance from the domestic occurs. Lisa Selby's practice considers the inextricable link between class and gender in the personal sphere as opposed to commenting on sweeping theories and their wider social influence. For her, class and gender are not distinctly separate subjects. The struggle for human and working class emancipation is linked to the emancipation of women and these works are involved in the personal expression of this struggle, particularly in its focus on the home. The domestic environment, the home, the hearth and the house are the spaces where the drama of class and gender relationships is played out most vividly and quietly. read full statement

Location London
Activities Lecturing, Residencies, Workshops, Exhibitions programme
Artforms / type of project Ceramics, Film & Video, Installation, Mixed Media, Performance, Sculpture
Tags sculpture, installation

News & Events

  • Everything concerns me

    Residency talk and exhibition with Dusan Rodic Künstlerhaus Stadttöpferei, Neumünster, Germany, 2014

  • Uphold Withhold, Performance at the Royal British Society of Sculptors

    22nd Jan, 2014, 7.30-8.30pm. Royal British Society of Sculptors, London. Funded by the British Council and The Arts Council through the Artists’ International Development Fund.

  • The Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary Award

    RBS Bursary Awards 2013 showcases the excellent work of 10 of the best emerging contemporary sculptors for a vibrant group exhibition.