Lisa Pettibone

Artist, Maker, Consultant, Teacher

The sculptural form of my work is the result of observing the natural forces that shape both natural and man-made environments. Little seedlings push up out of the soil, fighting the pull of the earth. Wrought by this elemental force, their forms pull, twist, bend and hang against the weight of the effort. Equally, the urban environment is affected: a plastic bag caught in roadside bushes reveals the complex movements of wind and gravity combined. Glass is an ideal material to record these phenomena, as it is extremely elastic at high temperatures and can be magically frozen mid-process at a high point of tension. More than the transparency of glass, I am intrigued by its capacity to make this ordinary event visible. The transformation from fluidity to solidity is the most extraordinary quality of glass. Concepts and form run parallel during the development of my work. While the search for form and finish are an intuitive process, concepts evolve through a gathering and analysis of mental images that emerge from questions about the status quo. Currently my interests centre on the place where man and nature meet. What is our relationship with nature? Often we treat the environment as something quite apart from ourselves, a decorative element at best. By placing my work outside I am attempting to reconcile this tenuous relationship. This has meant that some pieces will merge with their surroundings. By employing surface treatments that camouflage and create illusion I am able to draw the viewer into work that presents opposing ideas where the edginess of man is disguised in the form of nature. This is a vital aspect of my work: simplicity and strength in form but always relevant to its environment whether placed inside or out. read full statement

Location Gomshall, South East
Activities Adult education, Lecturing, Residencies, Workshops, Public art, Private commissions, Project management