Photo: Linda Persson in Sweden,Stockholm / U.K, London

Linda Persson

Artist, Film-maker, Curator, Project manager, Lecturer / academic

The use of various methods, like travel, video, sound, choreography, performance and writing, sits in the expanded notion of my work - where new and obsolete technologies reflect one another as the analogue and digital swap places; modes of representation are questioned as they blend in each other or dissolve and reveal, or obscure, various flip sides. My artistic practice occupies a sensibility towards something that can't easily be articulated, it emphasises a state of impossibility, a sort of failure. The synthesis of different modes of investigation and creation results in multi media and often interdisciplinary works, which approaches the metaphysical as a ground for the artistic opening up of explorative and transformative spaces. read full statement

Location Sweden,Stockholm / U.K, London
Activities Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies, Workshops, Curating
Artforms Drawing, Film & Video, Photography, Sculpture, Sound
Tags textile, text, performance, languages, dereliction, ruins, installation, choreography