Linda Monks

Thrilled at having no epic cause to pursue I make art that amuses me. Ideas come from many sources: TV, film, cartoons, comic books, everyday life and comedy my intention is that my work reflects that. I use drawings, photography, paper, puppets, stop-motion animation and video to communicate my relationship with art, popular culture, and my own peculiar slightly naïve outlook. Disillusionment with success or a mistrust of success is a theme that has reoccurred in my practice. I am very interested in using the juxtaposition of familiarity to create something new. My work has a makeshift cheap aesthetic: cut paper, pound-shop props, handmade puppets and sets. However I like the presentation to be as professional and uncluttered as possible, Thus giving the work important status and allowing it to be read with no distractions. In the past I have been intimidated with thoughts of serious Art dealing with issues and grievances. My first major breakthrough was discovering silly ideas get a response that is much more satisfactory to me. read full statement

Location Belfast, Northern Ireland