Linda Khatir

I am a member of studio XYZ a small group of artists who come together regularly to work on themed projects, and a member of the Space Place Practice research group (based in Bristol). I also work in collaboration with another artist Michele Whiting under the banner Quilos and the Windmill, and we were selected as joint artists-in-residence at Oxbow Michigan USA in 2011. During our stay we produced a set of site-sensitive works in and around Oxbow's forest, sand dunes and lagoon. A large part of my practice involves the temporary positioning of multiple forms within architectural spaces and more recently, landscape. Elements are drawn from the disciplines of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and writing, and as each new work develops, it begins to unravel fixed ideas on illusion and reality, multiplicity and originality. A new work often begins as a small autonomous piece, but may also be the starting point for a more expansive work. Via repetition and slight alterations to line, form, colour, scale, material (and so on) the 'original' soon becomes lost within a crowd of self-similars. The obsessive repetition of a single activity, colour, form, word, sound - and the physical union of art with place - means that this kind of work may be read in relation to specific historic and cultural events whilst also hinting at more personal memories and occasions. read full statement

Location DARTMOUTH, South West