Photo: Lex Thomas in London

Lex Thomas


Lex Thomas's obsessively detailed paintings and works on paper suggest an atmosphere of 'Futuristic Nostalgia'. Located simultaneously between Romanticism and Science Fiction Thomas' work describes unstable worlds that fuse past, present and future. They are meditations on the human condition and explore the fictions man has created in order to deal with his existential predicament. Thomas' paintings are richly layered with shiny glazes that suspend the imagery within the aspic-like surface. Playing with simulacra and authenticity Thomas' work is an exploration into the unreliability of reality. An investigation into the construction of the image, while also alluding to its own fabrication, is portrayed with collaging or handmade pixilation and mis-registration. The lost paradise that is captured is both disquieting and fantastical; a disturbing anthropomorphism permeates and while the landscape suggests toxicity it also hints at an ancient past. Thomas explores a retro-futuristic collision of science and nature through fragmented narratives that reference the uncertainties of our present age. read full statement

Location London
Artforms Drawing, Mixed Media, Painting