Photo: Lexi Strauss in Malvern, West Midlands

Lexi Strauss

Artist, Lecturer / academic

Arising from interviews or the imagination, specious, fluid narratives subliminally weave works together in order to explore the idea of individuation and the complex human relationship with the belief system. In addition to the core painting practice, diverse recorded conversations are sometimes performed using a ‘verbatim’ acting process to engage with people in depth. Paintings are occasionally ventriliquised in order to tell stories. Playfully theatrical installations using projections allow objects or subjects within the imagery to breath, speak and sing collectively or as individuals. Narratives seeking out absurdity and subversion may hold insightful keys, since true meanings are often realized in their transitions from nonsense. Thus, subjects within the paintings may appear clownish, displaying both a rigid facade and a vulnerable persona.

Location Malvern, West Midlands
Activities Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies, Public art, Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Film & Video, Installation, Painting, Performance, Text
Tags parenting, belief systems, escapism and segregation, humanitarian, individuation, reification, narrative, theatrical, clowns, absurdity