Photo: Lesley Guy in Sheffield, Yorkshire

Lesley Guy

Artist, Writer, Editor

Lesley Guy is an artist, writer and curator based in Sheffield, UK. She is a Content Curator for Axisweb and Co-director of Bloc Projects, an artist led contemporary art space. She graduated with an MA in Contemporary Fine Art from Sheffield Hallam University in 2010 and has exhibited widely across Europe, Asia and the UK. Group shows include Portmanteau, curated by g39 for Halle 14 in Leipzig, Jeune Creation at Centquatre, Paris, Appropriate Response, Vulpes Vulpes, London, POSSESSION (1) at BACC, Bangkok and Deadpan Exchange VIII at Casa Maauad in Mexico City. Forthcoming exhibitions include Totaller's Studio Wall at Paper Gallery in Manchester, as part of the collaboration Totaller, First King of the Astrogoths.

In anthropology, liminality is the term used to define the moment of confusion during rituals, when the participant no longer holds their pre-ritual status but have not yet begun the transition to the position they will hold when the ritual is complete.  Guy’s works scuttles around in this liminality, the material acting as the boundary within which to play.  
(Rebecca Key, July 2014)

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Location Sheffield, Yorkshire
Activities Lecturing, Critical writing, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Project, Basketry, Drawing, Installation, Painting, Sculpture
Tags Art, Artist, mixed media, pizza, material, art brut, paper, experimental, fantasy, magic

News & Events

  • Sluice Fundraiser Exhibition

    22/12/2014 – 30/01/2015
    The Hospital Club, Covent Garden

    The Sluice__ fundraiser exhibition will be on show in the members lounge of The Hospital Club.

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    11/11/2014 – 30/11/2014
    Salt + Powell, Artemis House Eboracum Way York YO31 7RE

    Curated by (it's all) TROPICAL in collaboration with SALT + POWELL

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  • Tlazolteotler - The Goddess of Filth

    East Street Arts, Leeds

    An event based around Aztec ritual and Tlazolteotl - the goddess of filth, sexual guilt and purification. We will act out the role of concealed priests, making and serving quesadillas.

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  • Overseasoned

    19/09/2014 – 23/09/2014
    Gage Gallery, Sheffield

    Pop up exhibition

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  • Edinburgh Art Festival

    11/08/2014 – 31/08/2014
    GARAGE, Northumberland Street, North West Lane, EH3 6JQ

    The projects include a series of live art events and shows, creating links between artists and artist groups across the UK and beyond, and providing the opportunity for public engagement and exchange.

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  • In The Park After Dark

    Duke Street Car Park, Liverpool

    GANG are 9 artists from New York, London, Sheffield, Los Angeles, Wrexham, Edinburgh and Liverpool. One night only 9-11pm: 3rd October 2014, Duke Street Car Park will host their brand new work.

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  • I Know You; You Can Come With Me

    07/06/2014 – 31/08/2014
    Oriel Wrecsam

    A collaborative gifting project by JazzCakes and With Love From The Artist. This exhibition will showcase the project and the objects donated back by the people who found them.

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  • Totaller's Studio - Sheffield Fringe

    Bloc Studios, Eyre Lane, Sheffield

    For Sheffield Fringe Open Studios we propose to display a group of items generated by Totaller. Using as a point of departure Le Mur de l'Atelier d'André Breton, Centre Pompdou. Studio 27a.

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  • Hollywood Forever

    In conversation with artist and curator Alison J Carr about the show Hollywood Forever at SIA, Sheffield. 22 May 2014

  • The Skinny - Spotlight

    Selected by The Skinny North-West to be their March Spotlight artist.

  • Deadpan Exchange 8

    20/03/2014 – 03/04/2014
    Casa Maauad in Mexico City

    With the following UK artists: Charles Quick (UK), David Mackintosh (UK), Lesley Guy (UK), Mat Gregory (UK) and Karin Bergström (SE), Michael Day (UK), Simon Le Ruez (UK) and Victoria Lucas (UK)

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    14/03/2014 – 13/04/2014
    Lanchester Gallery, Coventry

    This is the second iteration of the project that explores practices of appropriation in contemporary art. POSSESSION (I) was shown at the Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Thailand.

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