Lesley Davy

My work is based on evidencing processes in nature from a macro or micro aerial perspective. Marks in the landscape, whether made by man or the elements, inform my work. Through the visual connections between different natural systems, geographical space can become a metaphor for psychological space and the body for landscape. I work with light, mark and scale as a sculptor and printmaker, often making an invisible process in nature visible. Previous work has included producing print by leaving etching plate outside to evidence insect activity; taking casts of the sand ripples on the beach; making the magnetic field visible on a large scale with u.v. pigment; and Urban Scan, a rotating light projection in the Economist Plaza, London, based on macro scale marks on the urban surface. My more recent light sculptures utilise mark and light as metaphors for emotions through time. In these, acid etched metal is used as part of the sculpture. Recent print is often inkless and heavily blind embossed, therefore only seen in cast light. read full statement

Location London