Photo: Lenka Rayn H in London

Lenka Rayn H


Lenka Rayn H. is a freelance fine art photographer based in London. Timing and documentation is a strong part of Lenka's work practice. Her projects document the passing of time through portraiture and social studies. At present she has a number of ongoing series, including sibling resemblance and a documentary of her family. Another project seeks to capture the atmosphere of other artists' work spaces. These places are full of little stories, which she identifies and presents in the form of still life photographs. Each image is a representation of the individual artist's state of mind and their creative process. To Rayn H. these beautiful spaces are an inspiration for her own work. Her main fascination is human face and it's features, the stories that can be read from them, emotions or just striking shapes, which are beautiful to look at. Lenka's large format Linhof camera and available daylight is the perfect medium to capture what she finds irresistible about particular face.

Location London
Artforms / type of project Project, Publication, Photography
Tags photography, collaboration, large format photography, fine art photography, portrait, female, artist, documentary, self portrait, projects, collaboration