Lee Weinberg

Short Curriculum: Born in Haifa, Israel, 1980. Live in London. Work in London and Israel. Education: BAFA at Central Saint Martin's, University of the Arts (2002-2003). BA in French Literature and Fine Art at the University of Haifa between (2003-2005). Employment History: Assistant curator at the Haifa Museum of Art (HMA) (2005-2009). Programme manager/developer at the education department of the Haifa Museums (HMS) education department (2004-2009). Curator at the Haifa-Boston connection (2009). Curator and programme developer at the Azmn Interdisciplinary Centre in Haifa, Israel between (2009-2010). Independent Curator since 2009. Tutor and teaching assistant at Goldsmiths (2010). Current Activities: Relocated to London recently to pursue a PhD in Goldsmiths, University of London. Currently involved in the following projects: AC- Collaboration Research Group: a group dedicated to the research of collaboration in contemporary artistic and cultural practice. Upcoming workshops and colloquiums: Manifesta 8, Murcia, Spain; HomeBase Project, Berlin, Germany; FormContent Gallery, London, UK; Goldsmiths Graduate School, London, UK. Working in collaboration with the HMA to examine the museum's connection to the Haifa artistic community, while trying to interrogate and potentially define the local artistic voice through actively involving local art-practitioners. VAINS, Visual Art Interrogation and Navigation System, developed in collaboration with Eleanor Dare, is meant to be an experimental alternative to search facilities and viewing platforms tailored for digital and online art. Current Interests: My PHD research revolves around a re-reading of the ICOM code of ethics for museums, re-interpreting notions such as: collection, preservation, education and collaboration, through the eyes of contemporary culture and theory. In the light of this my practice element focuses on realizing new ways in which the museum can act beyond the frame of its traditional role, engage with audiences and widen participation. I am interested in curating as the interface between art and education. I think curatorial, artistic and educational practices have a lot in common in terms of their initial essence and goals, but differ in their form/content. I am interested in those moments where curatorial practice has a potential of creating a social realm, where unspoken rules, cultural conditioning and mechanisms of understanding and knowledge production can be interrogated and tested. read full statement

Location London