Lauren O'Grady

Early career

Borrowing from languages already established in cinematography, model making, folklore, history, science fiction, modern sculpture, architecture, landscape painting and museology, I fabricate scenarios and artefacts. They are familiar to the point of unfamiliarity, imagery compiled and accumulated from memory. Capturing a moment in object form, future relics of past events, commenting on the collector and the collected. I navigate a world of contradictions, weaving narratives, implying unusual or phenomenological events. I try to understand my own aspirations and limitations by looking at shared experiences, fears and concerns: social, economic, environmental and political. Creating varying plains and facets of reality and fiction. I consciously model without an image or reference; I want the models to be strange, warped representations of the real thing not faithful copies. I make sculpture in an attempt to physically capture and collect something: a vision, a spectacle, a sentiment, an impression. In an attempt to grasp an idea of vastness I play with scale, allowing myself, and the viewer, a way in. I enjoy the idea that something model sized can transport you in your imagination or visually (in film) somewhere else. It can make a tiny model seem like a huge space. I think of myself as an explorer, a somewhat fearful one. Drawing parallels between expeditions and the way in which I approach making work. Putting everything I have into achieving something that can often seem unachievable. read full statement

Location Nottingham, East Midlands