Laetitia Yhap

Concepts In the early 1960s there was an influx of new ideas concerning what art was or might be. When I left the Slade I felt temporarily unable to continue working as if I had not been touched by these ideas. At the same time my allegiance to working as a figurative painter remained. I decided to use a medium which was new to me but leave the human figure out for the time being. At first working in watercolour and then liquitex and egg tempera, a hybrid of my own invention, the paintings grew in size and substance and finally after about nearly a decade, the human figure as prime subject returned. For the next 25 years I pursued a cycle of paintings which depicted the activities of the unique fishing fleet of Hastings. Since that time there has been a protracted experimental period: works in a mosaic medium are the result of a continuing study of archaic and Roman art.Influences Practice has been defined by a continually renewed attempt to use the human figure in context to express the less than heroic.Career path 1965 Diploma, Fine Art, Slade School, University College London 1962 NDD, Camberwell School of Arts and Craft, London 1962 Leverhulme Research Award, travelled in Italy for 10 months to study Renaissance Painting, Sculpture and Architecture read full statement

Location Hastings, South East