I am a Hampshire based visual artist who uses moving image to create short films and video installations that aim to give the viewer an emotive experience through sensory engagement, which thematically and contextually explore the notions of space, self and other. I have exhibited work in cinematic, art gallery and site-specific environments, nationally and internationally (Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Ukraine and USA). My work has been selected for broadcast worldwide and has acquired numerous awards and commissions from Festival of Video Art Kinolevchyk; Madrid Festival of Contemporary Audio-Visual Arts (MADATAC) and Hayward Gallery. My recent work has involved creating collaborative interdisciplinary artworks to discover new ways of working through the integration of video and live performance. I have also been working on a series of site-specific video installations that are shown outside a traditional gallery environment. These artworks allow for me to engage with new, diverse audiences and challenge visitor expectations of how contemporary art can be experienced. read full statement

Location Waterlooville, South East
Website http://www.kyewilson.co.uk/