Photo: Krystyna Hamera in Cambridge, East

Krystyna Hamera

Artist, Teacher

Ideas of memory, fragility and transition run through my work, through the use of fragile materials such as ash, dust, reflections in water and also the imagery within painted ephemeral family portraits and translucent portraits that I have crafted from old photographs which are placed on glass. I make ethereal veils as masks of my family ancestors. I place thin films of ash, dust and dirt on floors to stand for ephemeral carpets and patterns once found in rural Eastern European homes. These can be walked over and are often disrupted. Intricate dust patterns contain footprints and show holes where dust has been dispersed. This work is nourished by my Polish family history and diaspora (this history is not just today, there are generations and generations, but it is about today.) It is informed by Adlerian Psychotherapy and Adler's work on childhood memory underlying the person we become, and my current experience of working with refugee and migrant children. I show layers of transparent washes of paint within my painted portraits. Some portraits are created from washes of black paint on white paper to stand for phantoms of a past. Art is the process where I explore identity, connections, migration and loss read full statement

Location Cambridge, East
Activities Primary education, Practice-based research, Art historical research, Residencies, Private commissions
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting, Sculpture
Tags Women, portraiture, identity, loss, genealogy

News & Events

  • Changing Spaces

    03/06/2015 – 13/07/2015
    Unit 7, Grafton Centre, Cambridge

    Installation based on loss and memory

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  • Changing Spaces

    An artist run project best described as nomadic, city work installation in a 'pop-up' gallery at Unit 7, Grafton Centre, May 2015 to July 2015

  • Abstracted images from still life

    07/06/2014 – 08/06/2014
    Cambridge Artspace Gallery, Greens Road, Cambridge CB4 3 EF

    Mixed media paintings, abstracted from still life with a focus on the use of colour relationships to construct an enigmatic atmosphere

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