Photo: Kirsty E. Smith in Sheffield, Yorkshire

Kirsty E. Smith


Kirsty E Smith has retained her childlike curiosity about the world.

In her practice she delights in making ambiguous forms which are curious and bulbous whilst at the same time elegant and sophisticated.

Her sculptures are fleshy, solid and theatrical and have the ability to engage viewers both physically and psychologically; so much so that each appears to have its own personality.

She gives further life to these 'beings' by taking them on journeys; ones where they play a role in an alternative version of her own life. These journeys are performances in themselves and result in photographic images of the sculptures set within a particular landscape. There is a strong sense of procession, pageantry and folklore in her work.

Smith's influences are disparate and range from her rural upbringing to an admiration of modern design both in interiors and architecture. Her work is sophisticated and elegant but never takes itself too seriously. There is a mischievous humour at the core of her practice but also a deep respect for heritage and manufacture.

Smith's idiosyncratic view of the world leaves you feeling curiously uplifted.

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Location Sheffield, Yorkshire
Activities Arts in health, Disability arts, Gallery education, Film-making, Studio practice
Artforms / type of project Film & Video, Mixed Media, Photography, Sculpture, Textiles
Tags KirstyESmith, FrillipMoolog, sculpture, film, narrative, photography, performance, FeltMaking

News & Events

  • Cheap Thrills Film Festival

    25/09/2014 – 04/10/2014
    20.09.14 Burngreave Cemetery Chapel, Sheffield S3 9DN and 04.10.14 Fearon Hall, Loughborough LE11 1PL

    Cheap Thrills! Independent Film Festival is now in its 4th year. Casey and Kirsty, a film by Kirsty E Smith, has been selected to be screened at Cheap Thrills 2014.

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