Kirsty Lorenz

Flowers mean different things to different people .... to me they are the secret of the cosmos Winifred Nicholson I paint flower 'portraits' much as a portrait artist will paint heads and figures, and through them feel I express something fundamental about life and living. Translated into paintings the flowers become uber-flowers near perfect and sometimes to monumental scale. I paint all kinds of flowers; formal cultivated varieties with great poise and drama like dahlias,flouncing peonii and lilies, other worldly Amaryllis. I also paint wild flowers, their extravagant abundance, from the majestic Foxglove to the tiny forget-me-not holds beauty, humility and strength. I hugely enjoy translating their images into my own style of painting, monumentalising them and celebrating the wonder of them. I am currently completing a man-size foxglove painting for a commission. For years now I have had an ongoing daisy painting project and express my admiration for them through paintings of daisy chains, grids, lines, hearts etc., recently the buttercup has worked its way into some of these compositions. I have also now begun a project with the working tile of ‘Carnal’. This is an exploration of the darker side of plant life, carnivorous plants. They are very strange and very beautiful, and I enjoy their metaphorical potential. This is with the kind collaboration of Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh who have an excellent collection of carnivorous plants and allowed me behind the scenes to study them. I work predominantly in oils on canvas. I work from my unusual studio rooms on Platform 2 of Ladybank Railway Station in the rural Howe of Fife. The station is still functioning on the Edinburgh-Dundee, and Edinburgh-Perth lines, and passengers on the stopping trains can view my paintings hanging in the windows. An A-listed Victorian building , it has provided a wonderful studio from where I paint, run workshops and hold occasional exhibitions and events. read full statement

Location Ladybank Railway Station, Scotland