Kirsty Hall

Artist, Curator

I like that which lies between. Between sculpture, performance and drawing. Between conceptual and process-based. Between the Baroque and kitsch. Between the narrative and the poetic. Between drawing and written language. Between craft and art. Between the poignant and the absurd. Although my work is rooted in sculpture, it revolves around a core interest in line. Indeed, many of my sculptures could be regarded as drawings in air. My work explores issues of time, fragility and loss: capturing the traces left behind by events and exposing hidden stories are central concerns. Slow labour intrigues me and my current practice is based on obsessive repetitive processes that straddle the divide between meaningful ritual and mindless pattern-making. At the moment I'm entirely covering an apron in sequins. Past projects have involved burning thousands of matches; tying knots in string; making toffee keys that melt and ritually pinning a long piece of fabric. My art has been described as 'the museum of the everyday'. I find meaning and emotional resonance in small objects that are so commonplace that they become almost invisible. Using them in vast numbers makes them strikingly apparent again. Although I do not regard myself as a 'textile artist', textile imagery has become increasingly important to me in recent years. I am fascinated by the way textiles are often derided in our culture as merely decorative, despite their crucial role in our lives. read full statement

Location Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire
Activities Practice-based research, Curating, Events
Artforms Drawing, Installation, Performance, Sculpture, Textiles

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