Photo: Kiron Hussain in Newcastle upon Tyne, North East

Kiron Hussain

The perverse and smudgy back-of-the-brain terror of filthy, normal living is attractive to my artist's eye; I try to make something gorgeous and yet gut clutching out of it - this is my work; beautiful aberrations. I want to create a refreshingly disturbing experience... just too pretty to be horrific... eyemeltingly abnormal and perfectly impenetrable to the the viewer's conscious self. As Britons we sit, shell-suited, heads swilling with vinification, lipless and lounging as a nation; wedged into the three-piece suite, backwards-vomiting our daily diatribe, brains bubbling under, shrivelling in the light of the cathode ray, living an imitation of life — yet every single head jangles with neuroses; pustulating out of the shadows; looming massive, bulging eyes, lolling tongues, foaming silently; licentious drudgery, deep dark jarring irony, beautiful aberrations; the human is a tangled up objets d'art - and every single piece of work I make is a modern portrait of one such human; art imitating art. read full statement

Location Newcastle upon Tyne, North East