Kim W Wilson


Wilson is interested in materials that bring their own pre-histories and histories of transformation both natural and industrial such as wool grease, peat and bone ash, lard and gelatine. They speak of the animals whose bodies have been stripped down, reduced and refined, of the slowness of peat formation, its liminal state between wet and dry land, the organic and geological, its extraction, drying, compression and incineration. The reductive processes to which flesh, bone and land have been subjected are then inverted as she mixes, compresses, and reconstitutes these materials, arriving at configurations that arise directly from the dynamic relationship between her, the space and the materials. Wilson explores the affective power of this dialogue as a way of investigating the human relationship with and within the material world creating work that emerges from the flow of forces and matter to create a somatic experience for the beholder. read full statement

Location Edinburgh, Scotland
Activities Practice-based research
Artforms / type of project Sculpture