Photo: Kim Valdez in London

Kim Valdez

Artist, Curator, Arts administrator, Project manager, Event organiser

I am a sculptor whose work is primarily about the expression of ideas through the medium of a physical object. I am interested in the feeling, drama, ambiguities and allusions that a piece of sculpture carries in its physical form, via arrangement of mass, texture, tactility and other senses. I am also a founder, organiser and curator of events for Crouch End Open Studios, now a well-established London fine art event. This year, 2014, I am continuing to work in 'Live Edge' Acrylic sheet, but my project this year is 'The Unknown Artist' inspired by the discovery of a little known but significant artist's group of the 1930's 'The East London Group' . In 2012, with a broken wrist preventing work in sculpture, I began working with the Ipad Brushes app to create a series of images 'Ecos de Las Amazonas' and I am continuing to develop my work in this new media.The drawings shorly to be available as Giclee prints on During 2011 and 2010 I concentrated on site specific sculpture, with two major works, Ecos de la Selva and Birth of the Innocents . Drawing and etching are a major part of my practice. In 2009 I exhibited drawings of 'Moving Visions' - dances performed in summer 2008/9 in St Pauls Cathedral by dancers of the Rambert School. The exhibition featured a number of small figurative sculptures developed from the drawings. read full statement

Location London
Activities Practice-based research, Residencies, Curating, Events management, Web development
Artforms / type of project Digital, Drawing, Installation, Mixed Media, Sculpture
Tags crouch end open studios, sculpture, amazonas, the unkown artist project, wilderness, ecos de la selva, warbaby, acrylic sculpture, environment

News & Events

  • Artists of the 1930's -the East London Group Rediscovered - an illustrated talk by David Buckman

    May 6th , 7pm , The Original Gallery, Hornsey Library, Haringey Park, N8 9JA, London

    During the 1930's, artists of the East London Group were compared favourably with The London Group and exhibited regularly alongside artists such as Barbara Hepworth, and Henry Moore.

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  • The Unknown Artist

    10/05/2014 – 11/05/2014
    Venue 17, Crouch End Open Studios

    I will be showing an installation Inspired by the rediscovery of The East London Group - British artists well-known in the 1930's , whose history is traced in 'From Bow to Biennale' by David Buckman

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  • The Unknown Artist

    I am currently bloging on the Crouch End Open Studios page of Facebook about the development of this Project which will be exhibited on May 10/11th at the Crouch End Open Studios.