My visual arts practice concerns making materiality, of possible worlds, alluding to and suggesting states beyond the four senses, and building worlds that seem to have credible dimension, suggesting alternative structures, futuristic environments, through the media of experimental films, structural animation, sound art, constructed images, multi-media work, programming, computer generative art. The context that this work is placed, aligned with the current philosophical issues of Deleuze, Virilo, Baudrillard, Barthes, psychology & perception. These deep aspects of psychological content which we identify with are used as framework for moving image/sound installations that seek to evoke alternative but very real states of being. The experimental media, explored in my work examines perception beyond the normal conscious mode, exploring subliminal, feelings, synesthesia, alternative and suggestive structures, and leaves out the narrative formula's that is built into film psychology, but paying attention to the reason and dynamics that cause psychological captivation of the whole being of a person. The work explores movement and perceptual processes as a language, in animation, in relation to the aesthetics of the constructed image. The processes of generative art, opens up further possibilities, beyond mental frameworks, authorship, in both visual and sound art. read full statement

Location Newcastle upon Tyne, North East