Kay Bathke


Forthcoming exhibitions: Kay Bathke is a London based artist and illustrator specialising in semi-abstract landscapes and drawings from life. Her work is inspired by the natural world and natural forms. 'I love the beauty, the contrasts and the subtle changes in form which I translate and emphasise through the marks in my work'. Kay's sketches of people and landscapes are made using bold strokes and continuous lines, some marks are completed quickly with the emphasis on capturing the mood and emotion of the subject rather than pure representation. Some works have a complex feel while many sketches and life studies are simple line drawings with an illustrative quality. All work is experimental in the approach to materials and surface. Landscapes in 'The Death Valley Series' were made on drafting paper using both sides to add to the depth and richness of the landscape, incorporating charcoals, graphite and pastels. Paintings are made with the same approach as drawings. Graphite and charcoals are drawn in with the paint at the same time and are produced in the moment to create energy and movement. Kay is influenced by expressive artists including CyTwombly and Willem de Kooning as well as the subtle figure drawings from Antoine Watteau. read full statement

Location London