Photo: Kathleen Fox in Hastings, South East

Kathleen Fox

Artist, Maker, Film-maker

Concept Working with texture or found objects as a means to bypass rational thought and attempt to enter the fluid realm of the unconscious, I employ an initial period of automatism when all is in a state of chaos and flux. I view making each work as an adventure, a journey into the imagination and a subsequent development of a personal mythology. The intention behind the images that emerge is often ambiguous, there is a sense of mystery, of shifting and layered meaning. I'm concerned with making visible that elusive and powerful other that lies beneath the skin of reality. Accident plays a large part in the work, as do dreams, memory and black humour. The thrill of the unpredictable is the matrix of the journey. Influences: Ambiguity, surreal, fantasy, female, Africa, black humour, dreams, mythology, death, the unconscious, alchemy, primitive, erotic, conflict, subtle. Career path: 2010 Residency and exhibition at the Freud Museum, London, linking Freud, Surrealism and my investigations into the unconscious. Supporting conference. Film premiere Surviving Life director Jan Svankmajer. 2009 Residency and exhibition Hearts & Bones at The School Creative Centre, Rye, to explore automatism 2005 & 2008 Exhibitions at West Dean funded by AHRC Centre for the Study of Surrealism and its Legacies 2001 Selected and funded by KCC Arts & Libraries to take part in Animation & Video Workshop 2000 Selected for Valley of Vision commission to make new work in connection with Samuel Palmer & the Ancients. Funded by KCC Arts & Libraries 1999 Selected by SE Arts to have work on AXIS National Database 1998 Cross-Regional Grant to support two exhibitions in Prague Vnitrni Kontinent/Inside Continent, (solo) and Svatokradez/Sacrilege (group) funded by South East Arts 4 yr Foundation and Fine Art Diploma at Natal College, Durban South Africa. Further 2 years private studies with Michael Pettit, South Africa 3 yr BA English at Natal University read full statement

Location Hastings, South East
Activities Lecturing, Practice-based research, Residencies, Workshops, Participatory projects
Artforms / type of project Drawing, Film & Video, Installation, Mixed Media, Painting
Tags play, chance, humour, dream, the unconscious, mythology, prehistory, surrealism, narrative, 2D & 3D

News & Events

  • Stains and Traces: The Figure Revisited

    27/02/2014 – 11/03/2014
    Hastings Arts Forum

    A group show looking at contemporary depictions of the figure. The exhibition, curated by Ian Welsh, will showcase cross-disciplinary and experimental approaches to the subject.

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