Photo: Katherine Johnson in Leeds, Yorkshire

Katherine Johnson

Artist, Maker

The methods of creation I use are always simple, that I can do myself using basic tools such as glue, thread and scalpels, to create, or more often, create changes in objects. The 'alterations' I make stem from innocent observations, double meanings, or taking the meaning of something literally. I am guided by the material or object and what it is capable of doing or saying. Making something literal means that it physically becomes what the words say it is. I am intrigued by how magnifying a small part or meaning can allow something as familiar as a book for example, to be seen in a new way, and making visible the extraordinary in the ordinary. My work sits somewhere between fine art and craft, as the methods I use often stem from craft, such as textiles, and paper art, but the objects I create and the ways in which I choose to show them puts them into a fine art context. I am intrigued by the way an object can be perceived depending upon the methods of its production, and where it is experienced. By using craft methods in their creation, it is breaking down part of the boundaries associated with an object in a gallery. The methods of production are not foreign but familiar; allowing the audience to have a relationship with it because of, and not despite their associations about what art is and can be in relation to their everyday lives. read full statement

Location Leeds, Yorkshire
Activities Workshops, Public art, Exhibitions programme
Artforms / type of project Book Works, Installation, Live Art, Mixed Media, Textiles