Katie Daley-Yates

“No harbourmaster, tug-boat pilot, deep-sea diver, car parking attendant, health and safety officer or accounts clerk could escape her ability to resolve a problem”. Claire Doherty, Director of Situations, December 2012. I have worked in the visual arts sector for the past eights years, with specific experience within the production of public artworks, both temporary and permanent. My skillset lies within project managing, logistics and problem solving related to large-scale ambitious endeavors. Working with small, highly specialised teams, I have floated an island around the south west of the UK, erected in one day a temporary pavilion through a community barn raising, co-ordinated an Arctic Expedition, revitalised a seaside town with seven permanent artworks and produced a live music event in a church. The projects I work on are currently based in the South West of England. For further details on the projects and programmes I have worked on see my CV. read full statement

Location Bristol, South West