Katharine Horgan

My paintings are concerned with the medium of paint itself and the viewing experience of. As formal spatial experiments, they focus on challenging the two poles of surface and picture plane. Imagery redundant to rid any loading of meaning, this gives exclusive focus to the conversations between canvas and artist. Using a specifically subtle and neutral colour pallet, relationships are built tonally. Layers of translucent and impasto oils, are continually applied and the paintings evolve slowly, naturally dictating their own progression as mark making becomes responsive. With paint repeatedly applied to the surface only to be worked back into, what is to be left included in the final composition is as important as what is eliminated. Reductive mark-making plays a fundamental role, where ragging and stripping the paint away becomes as significant compositionally as specifically applied areas. Recently mark making has become more complex, fluid and intricate; but rather than decorative, this is a considered response in building spatial settings. Often working in diptych and triptych formats, the introduction of panels can form a final and integral part to some works. Process painted, their making involves combing horizontally through a single hue of thick paint. A deliberate contrast, these frame to create a dialogue and bring the viewer back to the surface. Amongst the set parameters of their making, each painting evolves to reach its own identity, layers revealing the history of its construction. It is arriving at the point between illusionistic depth and materialistic surface, that sees the completion of each work. Each finding and occupying the space between surface and picture plane, in offering a spatial setting that invites the viewer to look both into and at. read full statement

Location Leeds, Yorkshire