Kate Parsons

Concepts As a crossover of art and anthropological concerns my work attempts to link the contrasting cultures of Kenya and UK by crossing boundaries of aesthetic conventions, periods of time and location. The use of certain materials provokes comparisons and ambiguities in the work created through binary oppositions and semiotic associations; with interior/exterior, solid/void, horizontal/vertical, positive/negative, presence/absence, dark/light, public/private, concealed/revealed, temporary/permanent, and perfection/imperfection. These themes are evident in Shelter, Panel Series, Gap Piece, Wall Series and Floor Pieces. The idea of fragmentation is developed further into photographic images, abstracting the work and increasing the semantic references of vulnerability and mortality. Influences The influences on the work come directly from living and working in Kenya on a teaching contract and my doctoral research into the Giriama Commemorative Grave Posts and their social, religious and cultural context. Other influences have derived from Arte Povera, and conceptual practices. Career path Since completing PhD in Sculptural practice I am planning to extend my practice with residencies abroad, extend my exhibition profile, carry out post doctoral research, co-curate exhibitions/exchanges of artists from Africa and continue freelance teaching at HE level. Currently l am working towards two major exhibitions, one in London and the other in Nigeria based on a collaboration between myself and a contemporary Igbo artist using the Mbari houses as a common theme. This also represents post doctoral work in association with the Royal College of Art, October Gallery, SOAS, British Museum, London; Spike Island Studios, Bristol; University of Gloucestershire and Nnamdi Azikiwe University/ University of Nigeria, West Africa. read full statement

Location Bristol, South West
Website http://www.kate-parsons.co.uk