Kate Livingstone

Early career

A focus on the physicality of materials and processes involved in painting, has led to a concern with how a worked-upon object can become elevated above the level of pure aesthetics, giving it the ability to instill feelings of spiritual reverence. Through repetitive, process driven embellishments and referencing the visual facets of icons, shrines and votive objects, I build up many layers of pattern and surface in order to capture a luminous intensity and intricacy, suggesting the abstractly transcendental. Observation of pattern and structure found in nature is crucial to my practice. I believe that there is an intrinsic beauty to be found within the construction of living organisms and that by abstracting shapes and forms born of natural processes, a harmony and balance is created within my paintings. The work continually references the spiritual qualities of the natural world and its ability to inspire awe. A repetitious, time-consuming and almost ritualistic approach to painting, contributes an element of performance to my practice. Developed systems of process and a contrasting of modern industrial with delicate and precious materials, or found objects, creates a tension in my work between the pristine and the aged or scarred. read full statement

Location Edinburgh, Scotland